Suite Room

Room Details

Satellite Cable Tv Wardrobe Balcony with View of Panchgani Hill
Large Size Rooms Dressing Table Limited Period Hot water ( In morning )
Attach Bathroom LCD

There are large number of users who used to visit Panchgani every year and search for best resort in Panchgani or best resort with view in Panchgani as they look for the best option. If you are also looking for the same, Jeevan village resort will be the best option for you. Here rooms are luxuriously furnished ideally suited for a family. The room has all the modern amenities with an excellent view. The private sit-out provides a mesmerizing moment for the complete family. This room is the spacious of all & is on the Second Floor of the main building. This has an option of A.C. also to be confirm at the booking.